Welcome to Nick15.com Version 14!

This is a raw document. In fact, this line will be a test to see how the top of the page looks, seeing as I swapped the angle of the header and footer. I really don't like this new look, but it makes a bit more sense, and it doesn't leave an empty space to the right anymore.

20130316 - Everything seems to be in order.

I honestly don't really care if this is completely W3C valid. As long as the site looks nice and loads fine AND runs cleanly... it's all the same to me. Nothing like building a site by hand, though!

Now to finally get some content together for this, my Portfolio site!

20110209 - Welcome to Nick15.com Version 14.0b (aka Version 14.-1). I'm looking to do a complete redesign of Nick15.com for the first time in, what, almost seven years? I kinda want to use it again, at least for résumé, portfolio and work/career purposes, as well as to have a handy portal to all the various accounts under my possession (Facebook, Flickr, etc) so that I can access them anywhere online... and so can YOU!

It also gives me the opportunity to use the Nick15.com XIV titles I made some six, seven years ago, based in the titles of Isao Tomita albums (just click on the "Discography" link in his site to see what I mean).

First things first, though:

Moose River
My Facebook
Star City Games Wishlist

I expect the final site would be more than just this text... it'll most likely be designed the way I usually design sites; sidebar and main frame. The sidebar will lead towards various sections, such as like "portfolio", "résumé", "examples (of work)", "portal/links" (leading to all my off-site things), and--most of all--comics. The main frame will obviously show the content of those sections. I also will try to design it as simple and efficient as necessary, but still to the best of my ability. The main focus, like I said, will be on showcasing my abilities and talents as a prospective employee of a company, as well as any publisher who may be interested in publishing my comics.

OK, done. More work later!

Nick15.com - Version 14.0
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