I like drawing comics. One day I plan on making some money off of them.

Over time, I've had various comic projects start and end, blossom and die. Here's pretty much every I've ever done (or at least anything that was worth posting online).

Moose River (at [2004-2009-ish]
Moose River is a celebration of ineptitude. It's something I've been trying to work on but haven't had the chance lately.

The Book Of Huzzah [November 2001- March 2003]
My first web comic. It sort of crumbled apart after I lost interest in it.

The First Comic
Sprite Comic
The meaning of life
• A dream I had (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
April fools (my personal favorite)
Blood bank
Pipe dream
One day at Toys R Us...
At The Mall...
Breaking the Marth 4th wall
The single most annoying thing about the internet...
Kawaii (shudder)
The last BOH comic...

The first of many work-related comics
$100 funnies
No lotto! (A BOH Classic)
More lotto funnies
Customer funnies
Another EXCITING day at Longs!!
Stupid Lottery Tricks
Stupid lotto customers!
Dented salt
Why do customers think they know more than me?
Tuesday evening... (Part 1)
Tuesday evening... (Part 2)
ATM funnies
People LOVE restating the bleeding obvious
More of the stupid shit I put up with at work
Why you should never flash the cash
Why are people so God damned cheap?! Part One
Why are people so God damned cheap?? Part Two

Guest Comics [Whenever]
Comics I've made for other people or other comics. Woot!

Miss.Dynamite GT - It's super effective!
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 1) - l33t_ninja can't stop bothering Lourdes...
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 2) - Teasing boys online
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 3) - This CAN'T be worse than some drunk kids...
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 4) - gothgrrl666 hates the rules :(
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 5) - come to dethnight lol omg
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 6) - Being violent is just like Lourdes.
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 7) - Ninja poof powers!
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 8) - The problem with playing online games in public using Total Immersion Gaming equipment.
Mystic Revolution (Guest comic 9) - If only real life was like the online life! - Version 14.0
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